As we already know that we are no one without our family as indeed blood is thicker than water as family always comes first and it is our utmost priority. However, majority of parents nowadays neglect their children and pay more attention on their career and making more money. In my humble opinion, parents at this stage are unconscious about their children and they are extremely engross with other obligations outside their house such as their vocations. It can be proved on our currently daily news about drug abuse, smoking, truancy, gangsterism and illegal racing which is most involved by teenagers. We can see most of them are from collapse family.

Therefore, I am fully convinced that parents inattention are leading to the countless outstanding occasion of the social ills among children at this moment. In this essay, I will discuss three negative cause of parental carelessness, namely its career, divorced parents and making more money. First and foremost, parents at this time being more and more concentrate to their careers. They are too busy with their works so that they spend all their time on their career. Moreover, they did not realize that spend time with their children is much more essential than buy whatever their children want.

Thus, teenagers nowadays wish for love and attention from their parents, not money. The children who fall preys to crimes normally have parents that have enourmous career. This is because their parents have no time to spend with them and did not instil any good moral values in them still young. For instance, we can see some of parents whom works as teachers have too much programmes and activities in their school. It can be said that almost of their time were spent on their works, like teaching their students at school time, and having extra class after school time and also tuition in afternoon and night.

This case leads to negligence towards their children. They are too focused on teaching students and they did well on that but they are failed to raise their children perfectly. They are know more their students rather than their own children. This makes children stress and lack of attention and it is lead to social ills like truancy in school, smoking, gangsterism and illegal racing. It was proved that the most reason children involved in this enigma is because parental carelessness. Next, do you know the statistics of divorced case in Malaysia currently? It was stated that the statistics of divorced cases in 2010 is 2289 cases.

Hence, we can see the big sum of divorced cases in our country at this stage. It was become sadness because the total of cases is growing more and more through years going on. It may be growing higher than 3000 cases in previous years. Parents who were divorced gave a lot of negative effects on their children. Every day in newspaper filled with divorced cases and their children were neglected because they cannot tolerate to each other. We are admitted that there are no children wish for their parents get divorce and no children will be happy to their parents results to get divorced. But, who can to avoid the divorce if not parents themselves.

As a result, the children will lost a guidance and love perfectly from their parents. So, it can be blamed by divorced parents if their children got into gangsterism, smoking or drug abuse cases. For example, many cases broken discipline among students in secondary school was effected by their parents who was divorced. As we are investigate the case from them, they said that their parents do not care them well after got divorced and always quarrel to each other. They feel useless and nothing to their parents. Sometimes they are jealous to their friends who have a happy family. As a result, they involved to various of social ills to get attention and love from others. Otherwise, they did it because they are seeking for attention from their parents itself.

For instance, they having couple with their special boyfriend so that their boyfriend always care about them and give a perfect love that they need in their life. Apart from that, parents at this moment being more materialistic and always care about making more money all the time. They thought that money can bring happiness and everything they want. As they understand that, without money they are nobody and nothing. They earned so much money and busy for the whole day for making money to get a wonderful name in their job as example and want to get a great position in career or organization. This is because they think without money, they cannot get attention from people and they are useless because people will do not ignore about poor people.

From the negative behaviour, it drove a big effect to their children as well. They just give more money and wealth to their children to get what they want. The children possibly go to shopping complex and cyber café. As a result, children utilized the money in wrong way. Parents will not know what their children do and for the worst thing is some parents did not ignore to them at all and just let their children do everything without concern about their activities outside house. We can see every days in newspapers, television or radio about baby dumping, free mixing among different gender.

They did it because they found love and attention from their couple rather than their parents. I firmly agree that parents ignorance to children as the most cause of social ills nowadays. In a nutshell, parents should beware and make their family as their utmost priority in life to avoid this case occur. Their attitude just driving them into a loss and suffer at the end.

I believed that harmony family is the key of happiness and peaceful in our life. We have to know that money cannot buy happiness, love and everything that we wish for. As a parents, we should show a noble attitude as a role model to children. Parents are the nearest people and teachers to children. Hence, children will follow our actions mostly and assume us as their model. If we do like this, I am very sure that the social problems can be reduced and we can live peacefully.